China Printing Companies Innovation Entrance

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China Printing Companies Innovation Entrance

Postby printingmasters » Fri Jul 21, 2017 7:30 am

The printing industry to provide services to the homogenization is very serious, innovation and transformation is a process of printing company has to experience. Select a reasonable starting point, with a minimum investment for maximum return is the approach recommended by the author.
Among them, the first strategy is borrowed from third-party resources to open a new turn of the road. For the design of corporations, or the electricity business and micro marketing, we can seek third parties in the market. Especially in the initial stage, the assessment can easily control the use and effectiveness of funds. When choosing partners, just to think about their own needs clear, for capital usage and hope to achieve the expected results were clearly calculated, you can easily concentrate on what they do best. In the operating system and the construction of internal staff training, we can also consider working with a third party. Most traditional companies who are doing business in charge of background, when the company reaches a certain size, relying on their own ability and experience are difficult to do well in these two aspects of planning and continuous improvement, so choosing the right third party can introduce advanced mode, to achieve the effect reborn.
The second strategy is to choose the platform for enterprise collaboration. There are many companies providing internet services, each with its own characteristics on the market today. With its own Office business platform, it is better to join one or two internet companies, whether peers or equipment suppliers do run, you can try to become their franchisee. These costs into much smaller than their own, and can understand the system more than the long. At the same time, these companies will provide the platform for the training of staff; we can be selectively absorbed.
Third strategy is to start from the old customer development and maintenance. I believe that the old client is the effective application of business conduct fundamental, new models and new technologies should first begin to meet customers' needs. Long-term relationship with old customers to establish a new model can ensure the completion of new technologies or small marketing investment in the practical exercise to ensure that does not occur thereafter directional errors when large capital investment.
Printing enterprises in the transition much innovation will pay more tuition. In addition to tuition, printing companies demonstrated the spirit of innovation and forward thinking is worthy of recognition, the best of these fees having no effect on the survival of the enterprise.
In many cases from the industry point of view, the key printing enterprises in innovation, to achieve a successful transition lies not in the size of the pre-investment, but rather whether a company has a deep understanding of the deep internal strength and customer needs. Application of new technologies to help companies better value to customers, the new model is a combination of many factors, and beat out in practice, so the choice of innovative incision as small as possible can often bring greater benefits.
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