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Discussion Green Printing Business China

Postby kenny1993 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:54 am

With the development of the industry growth and output value, environmental pollution are becoming increasingly serious, Chinese plate printing industry every year is in one million tons of pollution, hundreds of tons of oil contamination, version of the base pollution is to reach ten million tons. Faced with an increasingly serious environmental pollution, future trends will be printed green digitization. Beijing Science Nano New Technology "nano-green inkjet plate (inkjet CTP)" is a good solution to deal with the waste problem prepress, reflecting the national advocacy printed green policies.
As we all know, China printing service traditional plates is pre-coated with a photosensitive or heat-sensitive material in a hydrophilic aluminum surface, by the light of the plate imaging, photographic materials react chemically to form a pattern latent image, and then the plate processor, can be made on the printing machine plates. The plate-making process is unnecessary photosensitive material washed away, so is the "subtraction plate", plate-making process will produce hazardous waste photosensitive material HW16 national list of hazardous waste as defined, pollute the environment and waste materials. But nonmaterial green plate technology, abandon the current pre-coating and photographic light-sensitive material through chemical imaging technology ideas, use the print media nanostructures direct imaging of principle, as a digital camera instead of a film camera, completely solved the plate-making process the pollution and waste of resources and other issues.
Beijing Science Nano New Technology Green inkjet plate technology is by way of an ink-jet ink printed directly on the nano version of the base surface, enabling graphic "mold" in the graphic version of the base surface area (lipophilic), non FIG. text area (hydrophilic) differences, after the formation of the plate fixed on the machine for printing. This technical nature of the "addition plate" developing environment not only saves material but also eliminates the developing pollution.
Compared to the West proposed and advocated "3D manufacturing" is concerned, the inkjet plate technology may be suitable for the Chinese market, a very unique new mode of production. Its significant reduction in dependence on the nozzle, and give full play to China's existing industrial advantages. Inkjet plate technology also fully embodies the Chinese people to "printing" a profound understanding of the word "print" + "brush" efficient combination of both in order to lower costs while meeting the product personalization and the bulk of Claim.
From an international point of view while the printing industry, environmental compliance mode printing services market grew exponentially in the last five years, regardless of the global economic downturn, users are required to be able to provide the best possible show and mention environmentally friendly products and services. So, in order to comply with environmental approach to production is a strategic action is the future of the printing business on the basis of the success of the economy, but also an important condition for sustainable development of China's printing industry.
Beijing Science Nano New Technology Inkjet plate CTP equipment production is the China printing industry a strategic breakthrough for the printing press brought new changes Select the Beijing Science Nano New Technology joined forces, and is able to achieve a good help China printing company’s prepress process green.
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