Factory Printing Quality Test

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Factory Printing Quality Test

Postby kenny1993 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:28 am

When printing factory doing printing products quality test need to pay attention to following points.
1. The most important thing for Initial work text is proofread the text and determine the inky. Without sign by related person do not approve mass offset printing. To do initial work text well as following.
1) Make first-phase preparations.
*. Check production order list. The list included all production requirement, quality standard and clients special request.
**. The examination and review of the printed options. Printing content must the same with clients sample, there must be no mistake.
***. Examination of paper and ink. Different products have different material requirement, must check whether the request is the same with clients. The precision of the special color ink is the key to reducing the color of the sample, and the work should be strengthened in the printing ink.
2) Shakedown test.
l Text of equipment. Do not make the first sign in the position of the device.
l Inky debugging. To avoid the inaccuracy of the inaccuracy of the ink and the amount of ink that will be added to the ink of the sample. Each time the ink color must be reweighed, the equipment will be adjusted to the pre-production status to ensure that it is ready for production at any time.
3) First sign sample. 
After first sign sample, check the first piece for review, if no problem let the leader and quality inspector sign, and hand it on. Only first sample signed can approve mass production.
2. Print sampling.
During printing, the operation staff needs to pick some printing untimely, to check the colors, contents etc. the same as the first sign sample. The problem is solved in time, and notes the note with note in order to recheck the paper.
1. Check finished product.
Print for a period (about half an hour), the operation staff need to transfer the material to the paper pile, and check the printed quality. In particular, the problem should be rechecked in part to avoid the problem of missing the process.
The quality standards set by the factory are referenced by the inspection of the quality standards by the factory. In the process of inspection, it is strictly prohibited to will be in finished products were mixed with waste products, when nonconforming product control procedures, and keep relevant records, identity and distinguish, etc.
2. Quality deviation management system.
The smooth implementation of the quality of the quality inspection of printed matter is inseparable from the effective quality management system. Therefore, company can implement quality deviation handling system, relevant personnel should be according to the problems in the analysis of the reason, proposed solutions and corrective measures, do “who deal with who is responsible, who guards who is in charge of”, during the quality month every year, all the quality deviation summary, assessment measures to carry out the situation, and focus on the quality of recurring problems.
In printing market increasingly competitive today, control the printing process, attaches great importance to the print quality inspection, is a printing company to get good printing quality of the premise and the key.

Article from: http://www.chinaprintingmasters.com/News104.html
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