What Are The Advantages Of Offset Printing?

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What Are The Advantages Of Offset Printing?

Postby kenny1993 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:19 am

Offset printing is using automatic assembly line operations, Computer automatic control, printing tower roller rolling printing, transmission with automatic transmission. Offset printing is mainly white and four main basic colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Plate) of different proportions to deploy a variety of printing colors. And the depth of the various colors depends on printing plate time, printing pressure and printing temperature.

In all large printing companies, Offset printing machine indispensability. This is a proof of strength for the printing company. So, what are the advantages of Offset Printing?

1. Compared with screen printing, Offset printing is high efficiency, high quality, low cost.
1). high efficiency. Offset printing is using automatic flow of operations, the machine automatically color, computer automatic monitoring, Printing fast. 15,000 per hour can be printed. At the same time the speed of printing is also affected by the thickness of the paper, the thinner of the paper, the faster printing, the thicker of the paper, the slower printing.
2). High quality. Offset printing is using computer fine-tuning, accurate color and high position accuracy.
3). Low cost. Offset printing is with roller printing, less oil.

2, can be printed out of the gradient and the color is very realistic products, each color in the link where the transition can be gradual transition docking, the general screen printing cannot be achieved this effect;
3, Offset printing machine can print complex patterns, gradient effect and image effects;

4, Offset printing can print a variety of colorful colors and can contain a lot of text inside, to overcome the water transfer due to difficult positioning and cannot print the shortcomings of multiple words.

There are certainly shortcomings for offset printing. The shortcomings of the offset printing are the cost higher than the screen printing, machinery and equipment need large investment and not suitable for those irregular shape and rugged, 3D surface asymmetric product printing, not like water transfer do not subject to product shape restrictions.
Article from: http://www.chinaprintingmasters.com/News110.html
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