How to become a customer trusted network printing supplier

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How to become a customer trusted network printing supplier

Postby kenny1993 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:15 am

Recently, a group of Internet survey shows that the impacts of Internet users choose print procurement network channels is the biggest factor: fear too cheap, and businesses to cut corners on the print quality, but off, affecting normal use. Of which over 40% of users surveyed said they or a close friend Print offline when it had been "fooled" too, as network printing, this fear is inevitable.

Lee operates a restaurant in Wuhan, he admitted that he made leaflets, is to publicize some of the store specials to attract customers. To this end, he also invited a professional photographer friend of his dishes took a group photo. Not wanted, find themselves in a printing site online fed back finished completely inconsistent with the original design. Lee most unacceptable is huge difference; it is affecting the dishes fortune teller.

It is reported as such so that customers are being “hoodwinked" disappointed examples, many customers have experienced. Therefore, the emerging network china printing industry, how to eliminate distrust the minds of customers, good printing checks links is the key. Recently, the person in charge of the network change plans when it comes to this issue, said the network will become a significant trend in the printing in the future, in order to become bigger and stronger the brand, the most important thing is to get the customer's trust, and to achieve the best for this purpose effective means is to strengthen the quality of leaflets and other printed products. At the same time the need for strict supervision of the customer, the market exists in some cheating, software and hardware equipment can not meet customer demand printing enterprise network to combat.
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