Printing service six basic questions

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Printing service six basic questions

Postby kenny1993 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:18 am

Printing service six basic questions
1, what is film! Film is printing indispensable part. So that the computer's digital information into physical information crux step converge.
2, what is called the reversal?
Reversal that is positive, and individual camera film photograph is negative,
Slides like the same slide can watch the film in the end of this color.
3, when the RGB data into CMYK in photoshop and acdsee watching the color difference is big, where color printing mainly after it?
Close photoshop some more, but not a complete match.
4, if I'm doing magazine covers, but I can not finish the printing field, said India, saying that rates were too low
I use the acquiescence 72DPI, not at first know
But in practice requires the DPI is how much?
Scan rate, respectively (dpi) = screen lines (lpi) × minification
Newspaper: 85lpi
Black magazine: 133,150 or 175lpi
Art book: 200lpi
Individual book cover set 300-350dpi is enough ~ ~
5, how to identify overprint, trapping, trapping?
Overprint:Indiais the first one color, then another right at emblazoned
Trapping: Two color transfer of the central division in trapping can not be printed in offset, the occurrence of white edges or color aliasing, trapping is the center of the handover of the two colors with this transition mutual soaked one o'clock does not occur white edges.
6, C: 100 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0 color printing into a good light, but also hair green, the ability to change what values it better?
The printer is the "ink", is aqueous, China printing using a "ink", is oily, the correct color is not printed into the (related to the printing color), to compare the close, it is a water-based ink, it is not oil ink gloss and reach saturation, and because different paper and different colors. So do not look to set the color print version, and that you should explain clearly to the customer, if the customer wants to know the right color, the color of tenders can get to him, pointing out which one color, correct color proofing in the input non-forest after proofs. Printing company are based on proofs printed.
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